Richardson Equine Rescue Inc.

A Non Profit horse, mule and donkey rescue located in west Texas.

Richardson Equine Rescue in Van Horn, TX  is a small rescue shelter that provides an individual safe haven and care to rescued horses including horses saved from slaughter.

Our mission is to provide a safe environment, medical care, and loving attention to unwanted horses, donkeys and mules.  When they are ready, our equines are available for adoption.

We are an Owner Placement Shelter
As an owner
placement shelter, we receive horses from the Humane Society, auctions and private owners who can no longer take care of their horses.

Owners relinquish their right of ownership when they sign their horses over to us. We care for the animals until we find "forever homes".





  • We are an IRS (501(c)(3)tax exempt public charity.
  • All Donations are tax deductable.